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Past life experiences - connecting to multidimensional existences- understanding karmic lessons - advice on earthly questions and  off planet! 

The limit is endless.






"Liam is a very gentle soul and thus provided me with a safe space to explore myself. I highly recommend this experience for all souls who feel ready to tap into other dimensions and lives. This session was a once in a lifetime experience! Thank you Liam!" - Frances Maria 


 BQH/QHHT sessions with Liam
what is Quantum healing hypnosis?

 in a nutshell, Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH) is a form of hypnosis, that connects you to the wonders of your inner wisdom. The inner wisdom, or as commonly referred to as the "Higher Self", takes the client on a journey through the limitation of time, space and physicality. During the session, you can expect a brief interview, just getting to know why you wanted a session, and a little summary of the clients life and questions they may want answers to from the higher self.You can expect to see several past, future or even current lifetimes, interact with multi-dimensional beings, connecting with guides and other benevolent beings. 

how can i benefit?

Have you ever felt stuck in life? Bored? Always curious about the universe? The afterlife? or perhaps life itself? Well BQH is a wonderful tool that can answer all and any questions you may have about absolutely anything - no matter how crazy it may seem. 

​You will gain profound insight into your life and the world you live in and typically clients leave feeling fulfilled in  way they never knew they could be. 

It is truly a journey of self and all discovery!


Sessions are conducted online via the ZOOM platform. All sessions are recorded and given to you shortly after the session. Each session is approx. 2.5-3 hours in length and costs $150 AUD    

non refundable - payable via paypal.

Soul Hypnotherapy by Liam Villiers

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Finding a Deeper Meaning Through Hypnotherapy

Born and raised in Queensland, Australia, i always had a deep connection with the spiritual and new age. After moving to Melbourne in 2016, that connection intensified and i found Dolores Cannon- founder of the method. Studying Quantum healing hypnotherapy changed my outlook of life and provided personal healing, which I can now offer to my clients.

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